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The New Standard
in Market Research

Intelligent agents for dynamic AI moderated interviews and analysis at scale

UserCue can perform human-like interviews with up to 1,000 KOLs, industry experts, or target populations in one hour 

24hr Turnaround Time 

With a single research brief, we can customize an AI moderated interview agent in less than a day

Versatility in Application

Each experience can include structured quantitative questions and dynamic interview portions to maximize insights in interviews lasting 5-60 minutes

One Universal Link

Send your interview agent to any audience via email, text, expert network, or online sample

Reports in minutes

After a response deadline, complete reports can be generated and send to clients instantly

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

The world is speeding up and businesses want insights at the speed of now. 

Historically, market research firms, strategic consulting agencies, and public opinion polling teams have had to sacrifice quality for speed. 


The result?

Data is getting worse. Population samples are unreliable. Research campaigns can take 6-8 weeks and often outprice client budgets. Businesses are turning to in-house solutions that lack expertise or know-how. 

The future is uncertain, but it doesn't need to be. 

We believe that speed doesn't need to come at the cost of quality data. UserCue builds, performs, transcribes, and ouputs market research reports by collecting data from populations in hours, not weeks. 

Let's get back to spending our time on what matters - research. 

“I'm definitely concerned that this may make consulting obsolete in many cases... Pay $100Ks and wait weeks for a report, or get 80% of the insights for 5% of the price in 2 days... Mmmmm let think!!"


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